28 March 2006

Church leader warns of occupation

Beta News Agency, Belgrade


Church leader warns of occupation | 11:47 February 27 | Beta


NIS -- Monday - Rasko-Prizren Bishop Artemije said that any imposed solution for the Kosovo status question could constitute an involuntary occupation of the territory.


"If something is imposed, this should be accepted and awaited with the feeling that Kosovo is once again occupied, and every democratic nation has the right to return its occupied territory and its integrity and freedom." Bishop Artemije said.


He said that Serbia used its right to retake Kosovo after 500 years under the Ottoman Empire.


"I do not know how the discussions will end, but I know what we must do. We have to stay loyal to the stance that there is not one hand in Serbia that would sign an agreement for the independence of Kosovo and that no one can accept that." he said.


Similar statements were made by Serbian Radical Party leader Tomislav Nikolic recently, who added that Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica shares a similar opinion as well.