26 March 2006

Albanian graffiti raise fears among remaining Serbs in Orahovac

KiM Info Newsletter 16-02-06

KIM Info-service, Orahovac,  February 16, 2006

Graffiti in Albanian language appeared yesterday morning on several Serb homes in upper, Serb inhabited, part of Orahovac. The messages that appeared on the walls were: "Self-determination" (Vetevendosje) and "End to UNMIK" (Fund UNMIKU). According to the opinion of local Serbs the graffiti were written during the previuos night most probably by activists of the Albanian organization "Self-determination" led by Albin Kurti. Kurti's activists have written such graffiti in many other parts of Kosovo, but this was the first time they appeared in a Serb enclave.

Albanian graffiti have raised fears of the remaining Serb inhabitants of Orahovac because it is obvious that they were not directed to UNMIK but to Serbs.

At the moment about 350 Serbs still live in the ghetto-like Serbian part of the town around the church of the Virgin Mary.

In extremely politically sensitive situation in Kosovo such provocations are making Kosovo Serbs even more concerned for their future in this region, say Orahovac Serbs.