09 July 2007

Serbs in Strpce protest against Ahtisaari's proposal for Kosovo's status

Radio Television Serbia, Belgrade, Tuesday, February 13, 2007 15:07

A large number of Serbs from Sirinicka Zupa gathered in the center of Strpce to express their disagreement with Ahtisaari's proposal for the future status of Kosovo and Metohija. Inconceivably, this proposal foresees taking away 15 percent of Serbia's territory and giving it to the Albanians, while the Kosovo and Metohija Serbs are proclaimed a minority in their own country. Sirinicka Zupa has always been a part of Serbia, and so it will remain, advised residents of the municipality.

Security for the protest gathering was provided by members of the Kosovo Police Service and KFOR.

A protest march continued as far as the church of St. Jovan (St. John).