08 December 2006

Kosovo Independence Would Destabilize the Region: Serbia's President

FOCUS ENGLISH NEWS (BULGARIA), 10 November 2006 14:54


Belgrade. Serbia's President Boris Tadic on Friday stated that any imposed solution for the status of Kosovo and Metohija is absolutely unacceptable and that a possible act of independence of the province could, in the long run, destabilize not only Serbia but the region as a whole, the Serbian Tanjug reports.


After calling the parliamentary elections, Tadic told a news conference that he expects the Contact Group to continue its policy of negotiation on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija.


Commenting on Agim Ceku's statements that provisional institutions of Kosovo would independently proclaim independence of Kosovo, Tadic expressed his hope that they would not make such a unilateral decision that could destabilize not only Serbia but the region as a whole.


When asked whether the calling of elections in Serbia would cause a postponement of a decision on the final status of Kosovo and Metohija and whether he would welcome such a decision, Tadic replied that he ''believes that such a decision had already been made and that the decision on calling of the elections has no special impact on that.''


He reiterated that ''unfortunately, Serbia and its institutions have not been able to influence decisions of provisional institutions in Kosovo since 1999, when Resolution 1244 was adopted and the military-technical agreement was signed in Kumanovo.''