08 December 2006

Internationals call on Kosovo Albanians not to take any unilateral actions

Radio Television Serbia, Belgrade, Saturday, November 11, 2006 14:50


Representatives of international institutions in Kosovo have issued an appeal to Kosovo administration and residents not to take any kind of unilateral actions and to continue activity on implementation of standards and cooperation with the international community.


After Martti Ahtisaari's decision to delay submitting a proposal on the status of Kosovo until after the elections in Serbia, UNMIK chief Joachim Ruecker issued a written statement calling on Kosovo institutions not to pass any sort of unilateral decisions related to status.


Ruecker emphasized that "while we await the Special Envoy's (Martti Ahtisaari's) proposal, UNMIK and the Kosovo Government continue to have a full agenda, firstly maintaining a safe and secure environment together with KFOR and pushing forward on the Standards for Kosovo and European Integration."


The UNMIK chief expressed his conviction that all stakeholders in Kosovo will remain committed to the process and to the guiding principles set out by the Contact Group and that they will continue "to avoid even the perception of unilateral action that might undermine support for Kosovo at this crucial time."


The U.S. Office in Pristina believes that the resolution of Kosovo's status should not be delayed after January 21, when parliamentary elections in Serbia are scheduled, emphasizing that "the people of Kosovo have a right to know their future clearly". Representatives of the International Crisis Group in Pristina believe that any disturbance or incident in the forthcoming period would be decisive for the political process on the future of Kosovo.