07 December 2006

EU: Kosovo Status Should Be Politically And Legally Clear

FOCUS ENGLISH NEWS (BULGARIA), 9 November 2006 14:01


Pristina. One of the main topics in most Kosovo dailies today is the progress report of the European Commissionthat was published yesterday, November 8th.


Zeri's comments that a considerable part of the report is on Kosovo. "The issue of Kosovo status is sui generis, so it does not represent any precedent," reads part of the report.


This contradicts Russia's claims that Kosovo would be a precedent for Russia's separatist provinces, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo comments in their press review today.


According to Reuters' sources EU officials have stated that Martti Ahtisaari will recommend an imposed solution that will sent to Kosovo statehood.


The US and UK are still urging for the solution on Kosovo status be achieved in the frames of this year. Many European officials, however, insist that Ahtisaari dos not rush with the issue.


Zeri further cites Reuters' sources as saying that the announcement of independence by Kosovo Assembly could cause divisions within the EU regarding this issue.


The EU Commissioner for Enlargement Oli Rehn said yesterday in Brussels that the European Commission report shows that the support of the EU to the post-status Kosovo is very important.


"We should maximally use all our instruments to keep Kosovo stabile and in the right track," Rehn said.


Koha Ditore cites Rehn as saying that Kosovo status should be politically and legally clear by admitting that the Commission is concerned that status could be unclear.


"We are concerned over this issue. We want Kosovo to have a clear political and legal status in order to have the possibility of signing international contracts," Rehn said.


The report comments on a very bad economic situation in Kosovo. "Economic developments in Kosovo continue to be hit by the decrease of donors support and lack of dynamic in economy. According to IMF analysis, the GDP in Kosovo is decreasing," the report reads.


Express comments on that part of the report stating that Kosovo society is involved in organized crime and corruption, as this phenomenon is present in many segments of society. The report stresses the need for a real police service and the establishment of local capacities for investigating corruption and organized crime.


"Crime network touched many socio-economic segments and politicians. Finding skilled Kosovo policemen is a great challenge," the report states.


The press review has been provided by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Office of Press and Public Information