21 March 2006

Young Serb injured in incident near Gnjilane, Kosovo Police Service states

BBC Monitoring, January 24, 2006 Tuesday


Text of report by Serbian independent news agency FoNet


Kosovska Vitina, 23 January: The Kosovo Police Service [KPS] spokesman in Gnjilane, Naser Ibrahimi, told FoNet today that an incident had occurred at a playground in the village of Mogila last Sunday [22 January], which had left a 17-year-old Serb boy injured.


Ibrahimi said that a conflict between young men of Albanian and Serb nationality had occurred at the playground, and that a young Serb man had been slightly injured.


Police have detained five young men, taken their statements and handed them over to an investigative judge.


Serbs living in Mogila have specified that a big group of Albanians attacked two young Serb men in the St Theodore church back yard, where these had gone to make a phone call, since the signal for mobile phones is best there.


Villagers said that Bojan Djuzic (17) and Dejan Nojkic (18) had been beaten up.


Source: FoNet news agency, Belgrade, in Serbian 1649 gmt 23 Jan 06