21 March 2006

Tadic and Thaci meet in Athens

B92, Belgrade January 31, 2006 12:59


Serbian President Boris Tadic and Kosovo Democratic Party leader Hashim Thaci met in Athens yesterday.


There were no comments given by either of the officials, and the report of the meeting came from Greek media outlets. Tadic and Thaci are in Athens participating in a two-day conference of the Council of the Socialistic International, where Tadic is participating as the president of the Democratic Party, which is a consultative member of the council, and Thaci is a guest at the summit.


According to B92's sources from within Tadic's cabinet, the meeting took place after the opening of the conference. Tadic told Thaci that he was disappointed that he was not allowed to attend the funeral of Ibrahim Rugova and that this was a missed opportunity for Serbian and Albanian relations to be improved.